Children with diffuse intrinsic pons glioma (DIPG) benefit from nimotuzumab

The results of an international clinical trial were published in March 2019. Forty-two children aged 3 to 20 years suffering from diffuse intrinsic pons glioma (DIPG), a deadly brain tumor, were treated with nimotuzumab and radiotherapy.

The RECIST evaluation showed a partial response in 2 patients, stable disease in 27 patients and a progressive course in 10 patients. Three patients could not be evaluated. Median progression-free survival (median PFS) was 5.8 months and median overall survival (median OS) was 9.4 months.

The observed side effects were largely mild or associated with the progression of the disease. In particular, no serious side effects were observed, as often seen with other monoclonal antibodies in this class, such as rash, hypokalemia and hypomagnesaemia.

The children were not treated inpatient, as is often the case with chemotherapy, but on an outpatient basis and could continue to attend school or spend time between treatments at home.

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